Aluminium Thermal Break Window(AL96)
Aluminium Thermal Break Window(AL96)
Aluminium Thermal Break Window(AL96)
Aluminium Thermal Break Window(AL96)
Aluminium Thermal Break Window(AL96)
Aluminium Thermal Break Window(AL96)
Aluminium Thermal Break Window(AL96)
Aluminium Thermal Break Window(AL96)
Aluminium Thermal Break Window(AL96)

Aluminium Thermal Break Window(AL96)

Product Description

* Aluminium frame width 96mm.
* Thermal break system is good for heat-insulation, isolated the heat from outside.
* Window upper sliding design has a special slot to install anti-theft block, which prevents the window sash from falling off, thus effectively enhances its safety performance.
* Available in anodised or powder-coated aluminium in all RAL color.
* Available in standard 6mm glass, toughened glass or laminated safety glass.
Optional Features
* Fiber or Stainless steel mosquito screen is available.
* Configuration can be only one panel sliding or more sliding panels. Also can be with fixed toplight and sidelight panels incorporated.
* Three types of lock for choice. Consult for detailed.
* non-thermal system and thermal break system optional.
* Adopt with heavy duty rollers, it can make big panel sliding

General description:

Sliding windows are the natural option if you are looking for a sleek finish or if your space does not allow for sashes projecting outwards. They are equally suited to homes and office buildings, bringing an aesthetic yet highly functional feature to the structure. Sliding windows can take one of two forms – horizontal sliding windows (where the sashes slide left and right), and vertical sliding windows (sashes slide up or down).

Tech Specs

Product Detail

* Aluminium alloy 6063-T5, high tech profile and renforce material
*High quality glass fiber thermal break insulation bar with high loading capacity
*In the case of powder coating surface treatment, there is a 10-15 year warranty.
*Multi-point hardware lock system for weather sealing and burglarproofing
*Corner locking key ensures the smooth surface joint and improves corner stability
*For greater performance and simpler maintenance than ordinary glue, glass panel EPDM foam weather sealing strip is employed.



Surface Treatment: Customized (Electrophoresis/ Powder coated/ Anodizing etc).

Color: Customized (White, black, silver etc any color is available by INTERPON or COLOR BOND).

Aluminium Thermal Break Window(AL96)



Specifications Of Glass

1. Single Glazing: 4/5/6/8/10/12/15/19mm Etc

2. Double Glazing: 5mm+12a+5mm ,6mm+12a+6mm ,8mm+12a +8mm,can be Sliver Or Black Spacer

3. Laminated Glazing: 3mm+0.38pvb+3mm, 5mm+0.76pvb+5mm, 6mm+1.14pvb+6mm
Tempered ,clear, Tinted, Low-E, Reflective, Forsted.

4. With AS/nz1288 , AS/nzs2208, Certification



Aluminium Thermal Break Window(AL96)



Specifications of Screen

1. Stainless Steel 304/316

2. Firber Screen


Aluminium Thermal Break Window(AL96)


Specifications of Hardware

1.China top Kinlong hardware
2.America CMECH hardware
3.German Hoppe hardware
4.China top PAG Hardware
5.German SIEGENIA hardware
6.German ROTO hardware
7.German GEZE hardware
8.Aluwin choose seriously hardwares&accessories for customers with 10 years warranty

Aluminium Thermal Break Window(AL96)

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